What Do Honey Bees Do For Our Community?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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Our mission here at The Beehive Juice Bar is to connect people to affordable, real food, whilst helping bees have a home. But have you ever wondered why bees are so important to us as humans? Here’s some more information about what honey bees do for our community, and why our indoor hives are so important!

1. Super Pollinators!

Pollination is crucial to fertilise all of our fruit, vegetables and crops. As well as feeding humans, these crops also feed animals. Bees are the only method of large-scale pollination that exists in the world. So, without them, it would cost farmers around £1.8 billion per year to manually pollinate all of their crops. Without bees, we could easily go hungry!

2. Honey...

Whilst you may think that honey is just a pleasant sweet treat, honey is actually an extremely valuable ingredient for both medicinal properties, and the fact that it is so energy dense. Without bees and honey, the economy and the food and medicinal industry would take a huge hit.

3. Biodiversity

Bees massively contribute to food chains, the countryside, landscapes and therefore the environment in general. The pollination of plants and flowers done by bees also ensures plant biodiversity and beauty in the natural landscape.

4. Trees need bees!

It’s not only flowers and crops that rely on pollination from bees, trees do too! As our main source of oxygen, the natural pollination of trees by bees means that our lives literally depend on the bees!

5. Cultural and historical importance

Bees play an important part in our world history, and even have cultural importance. For example, the Ancient Greeks believed that bees were a sign of immortality!


For all these reasons, honey bees are extremely important to world food supplies, health and wellbeing, the beauty of our world's landscape, and all mammals' lives. Factors such as climate change, farming practices and disease have caused bee numbers to decline. The indoor hives within our store help bees have a home so we can do our part in saving the bees.

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